14 March - 1 AprilTesta Center

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An open bioprocess innovation challenge!

The goal of the Testa Challenge is to test and verify your technology for bioprocess in the Testa Center. The participants are to learn how their technology fits into the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and the related bioprocess!

“This is a concept inspired from hackathons and open innovation concepts but applied in a bioprocess. We are inviting companies from the technology digital, and data segment to integrate, test, and verify their innovations in a fully-funded standard bioproduction workflow.“ 

Jesper Hedberg, director of the Testa Center.

Participants of 2022!

The participants have all been carefully selected based on their applications in a review by a third-party board of industry experts selected by STUNS Life Science.

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Your all-inclusive bioprocess innovation challenge

Staying in the Testa Center labs will give you first-hand experience, real-world process data, and an excellent opportunity to create valuable documentation for your technology in real-world biopharma production.

Get in contact with us and tell us about your technology, and we will start a discussion on how you can benefit from the test and validation antibody manufacturing batch in March 2022.


  • 14/3 Seed train
  • 18/3 Cell cultivation
  • 28/3 Filtration and chromatography
  • 1/4   The end

On Covid: We aim to be as safe as possible by following the restrictions and best practices to protect you and reduce eventual spread.

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About the Testa Center

Testa Center is a non-profit company owned by Cytiva. Testa Center is a major initiative between the Swedish government and Cytiva to secure the growth of the life science industry and its manufacturing capabilities. 

The main objective of Testa Center is to bridge the gap from discovery to industrialization. The center offers businesses and academia globally a modern, pilot-scale testbed for projects and education in the production of biological products e.g., monoclonal antibodies, peptides, protein, vaccine, and viral vectors (non-GMP, up to Bio-safety level 2 and 500 liters). 

In this flexible facility, assisted by the experienced staff, users can perform a wide variety of projects, including scale-up of parts of a process, or a complete process from frozen cell bank vial to purified protein.

The Testa Centers three pillars are; Verify innovation, accelerate innovation, and secure excellence.